Whistle Blower Policy

Suggestive Punitive Actions

  1. The following punitive actions could be taken against employees, where the committee finds the accused guilty:
    1. Counselling & a Warning letter;
    2. Withholding of promotion / increments;
    3. Bar from participating in bonus review cycle;?
    4. Termination;
    5. Legal suit.


  1. Disclosure of wrongful conduct may be made on a confidential basis. Such disclosures will be kept confidential to the extent possible, convenient with the need to conduct an adequate investigation and legal stipulation

Protection Against Victimization

  1. No adverse action shall be taken against an employee or business associate in "knowing retaliation" who makes any good-faith disclosure of suspect or wrongful conduct to the GRC.

Reply To Complaint

An Employee/business associate (current or former) shall not later than 30 days after being notified or becomes aware of a complaint against him/her, may protest the action by filing a written complaint with ABFL where complaint has been filed, If the employee believes the action was based on his or her prior disclosure in good faith, of alleged wrongful conduct.

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